Agent or Lawyers

Migration Agents or Immigration Lawyers?

Which is Right for You? At Aryan you get the assistance of qualified immigration lawyers, not just migration agents. Let’s compare several key advantages of this for you:

Experience What many clients don’t realise is that the vast majority of agents are new migrants themselves who have completed a short graduate certificate in order to get registered as agents. They may not necessarily have any experience, nor is there any requirement for them to work under experienced agents prior to running their own business. On the other hand lawyers have at least Bachelors Degree and often Master Degree qualifications and must work for experienced lawyers for three years before running their own business.

Accountability More importantly, Lawyers must operate through government audited trust accounts when handling client money, a requirement not imposed on agents unless in the employ of a law firm. Migration Agents have no right of appeal before Courts of Law and cannot see matters through to completion if that is the course an application takes.  Whilst an Agent can appear in the Migration tribunals, they have no litigious training and rarely do they possess the necessary experience.

Legal Advice Agents cannot advise on related legal issues confronting those contemplating migrating.  Property purchases, family law issues, wills and commercial start-ups etc are all matters which you may want to discuss with your representative, who in these circumstances must be a lawyer. We strongly urge clients to take these issues into consideration when selecting an agent. We look to build long term relationships with clients as we believe that once in Australia our professionalism will encourage clients to use the further professional services of  Lawyers and our business partners. Do not wait. Contact us today and let us help you reach your migration goals.