Additional Services

We can offer you the following services

  • Secure your initial residency
  • Choice of Real Estate
  • Recruitment contacts to assist you with finding employment
  • Provide you with a selection of study options, search for suitable Australian universities or traineeships
  • Assistance with enrolment in courses in Australia that are accepted/approved by the Immigration Officials
  • Refer you to other professionals in matters of other laws (ie. tax, estate planning ect.)
  • Help you make the right contacts when establishing a business
  • Connection with registering bodies
  • Organize NAATI approved translations of your foreign documents
  • Help you find the right English course including information about the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP)
  • ¬†We will help with all matters of settlement from your home country to Australia:

Migrating is not only choosing the right visa and succeeding in your migration application, in addition it presents challenges with respect to settling and feeling “at home” in your new country by buying a house, obtaining health insurance, opening bank accounts, and finding schools for the children.

Relocation assistance

  • International flight booking
  • General information for Integration into the new environment, Personal developing
  • Opening a bank account, money transfer, investments
  • Information about the Australian education system
  • Information about medical cover
  • Information about water, electricity, etc.